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 Exceptional. Attentive. Meticulous. Intuitive. Accommodating. Healing. That's Laura Meikle. She has worked on me since 2004 and she has paid close attention to where the "source" was. She intuitively knew where to focus and patiently worked through my requests. I always leave Laura’s massage sanctuary feeling both energized and relaxed. Laura is soothing, calming, and a great human being that actually cares about people's well-being. I recommended everyone I know to her and can't praise her healing energy enough.

N.H., Vernon, BC


Hi Laura,

Just want to thank you for your healing hands today- my foot is going to be so much better for all your work. You have made my trip - I was kind of dreading it with my toe aching like a tooth ache.

Thanks K.C., Vernon, BC

I have used massage therapy for improving the circulation in my feet, healing whiplash from a car accident and general maintenance to reduce stress points in my body.

Before I began massage therapy, my feet were always cold . After several sessions at Body Vital Massage Therapy, they began to feel a normal temperature. After a car accident, a Doctor diagnosed my injury as whiplash. I chose massage therapy as one of the recommended treatments for healing. Laura Meikle treated and healed the whiplash with massage therapy.

I use massage therapy on a monthly basis to reduce areas of tightness from the daily stresses of life. I feel great after a session. I highly recommend Laura Meikle for massage therapy because of the way it benefits me.

N.S., Vernon, BC

I had debilitating shoulder pain, going right down to my forearm and was misdiagnosed by a different therapist for a rotator cuff issue when Laura reassessed me and found a cervical disc herniation in my neck. My doctor’s CT scan confirmed her assessment. Laura gave me homecare and changes in my daily living which helped me heal and I have thankfully never had a return of pain. Then I broke my shoulder and had Laura work on me again. My shoulder was stiff and my mobility was very limited and painful. Laura did rehab massage on me, stopping the spasm in the muscles and returning the circulation, and although the treatment was painful, it did a world of wonders. My mobility immediately afterward was a remarkable change with way more movement that was pain-free. I could not believe the difference. It was a huge help and enabled me to start using my arm in normal ranges of motion again. I am so thankful for the fantastic work she has done for me.

D.M. from Powell River, BC

I have been receiving therapy from Laura for over a year now and have experienced a real difference in the frequency of headaches I get and a marked improvement in general shoulder and neck movement. Laura focuses on overall wellness. She does not have me rely solely on regular massage appointments for my wellness however; she provides guidance for exercises to strengthen one’s body and to maintain the benefits of her treatments.

Additionally, Laura’s Cranial Sacral Therapy has benefited me in reducing levels of tension in my body and providing deep levels of relaxation.

D.R., Vernon, BC


Laura turned me into a believer in the benefits of massage therapy. As a dedicated runner and occasional triathlete, I had tried massage as a way to loosen up tight muscles and because I had heard it was good for muscle health, but couldn’t really tell if it was making any difference. Then one time I was plagued by a chronically sore Achilles tendon so went to visit Laura. After only one or two treatments, I was surprised to find that I was pain-free. If you’re looking for a skilled massage therapist who is personable and knowledgeable, and who won’t scold you for not doing the stretches she suggested, give Laura Meikle a try.

G.N, Vernon, BC

I have found Laura Meikle to be a phenomenal massage therapist. When I go to her with my aches and pains she instictively knows where to massage to alleviate anything that might be hurting. I rely on her expertise and will not go to anyone else. Thank you Laura!!!

--P.M., Vernon, BC

I am writing regarding Laura’s gift to help people through Energy Healing. Laura helped me so much with my health problems, in many different areas over the years. I have many disabilities and live with horrible pain which prevents me from living a normal life and if it wasn't for the expertise and genuine care from Laura I would have suffered much more. I have asked her for advice on how to help myself for many years and she has always given me the best advice. In June 2011, my left knee had been bothering me terribly to the point where I had to use crutches to walk and I mostly ended up in bed all summer with a torn ACL, MCL, and serious case of osteoarthritis. Laura could see I was in terrible pain, limping while I walked or having to use crutches to get around when the pain was too bad and the swelling was outrageous. She examined my knee after which she performed Energy Healing on me. While Laura was working on my knee, I could feel the warmth and love coming from her going into me. It was an amazing experience for me. I could feel healing energy flowing into my knee and my leg itself was tingly and warm. I could literally feel my knee healing, she did what nobody else could do and she alleviated much of my pain and when I left I was walking unaided and without a limp. The treatment Laura performed was miraculous, in my opinion, it helped immediately and the effects of one session lasted for weeks. What she did for me was amazing. Laura is a wonderful practitioner. She genuinely cares about her patients and I have first-hand knowledge that what she does is real. She takes time and really listens which makes her a wonderful healer.

M.R., Kamloops, BC

I had to have my gall bladder removed and Laura worked on me before and after the surgery by distant healing work. I felt the entire area above my gall bladder tingling when she was doing energy work on me! I was told by my doctor it would be 3 weeks before I returned to work, but I healed fast enough to begin work again in a week. When I went in for my post-surgery checkup, another patient who had gall bladder surgery the same day as me was in poor shape, complaining of pain, and needing more pain killers. I was surprised to see the difference in us as I received permission from my doctor to go back to work right then and there. I definitely recovered quickly and suffered none of the pain I was told I would be in either. It was remarkable and I was so grateful I had the sessions with Laura. I recommend her distant healing work to everyone needing healing or going in for surgery.

Dee, BC, Canada

Laura, thank you seems really inadequate to someone who has done a huge amount of extra research to get rid of those awful migraines all while making me smile and laugh as well as helping me on my journey to balance and healing in the gentle way you have. You are an amazing person whom I'm blessed to know and learn from so as inadequate as it is, thank you.

--D. T., Vernon, BC

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