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*COVID 19* Client Safety Procedures and Protocols

Your safety, health and potential risks are taken very seriously. All industry-mandated PPE and precautions are available and implemented when mandated to mitigate inherent risks for you, however, this does not mean your risk is zero. If you are sick or been exposed to anyone sick, no matter what the illness may be, please cancel appt and refrain from booking until you are well. Pre-screening ahead through BC COVID-19 Symptom Self-Assessment can help you remember covid symptoms: https://bc.thrive.health/covid19/en

Therapist and Patient compliance in meeting safety measures and protocols is appreciated, and when mandated, applied to keep each as safe as possible from spreading germs. 

Thank you for your understanding during these trying times.

Located in the tranquil, serene setting at Laura’s Sacred Healing Space, Vernon, BC

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250 5450122, or text: (same area code) 3094992

We keep a couple of emergency appointments open each week for fit-ins and painful situations

Practicing Evidence-Based, Evidence-Informed Practice to bring about excellent results

In Practice Since 2003 from BC's 3000 hour program
Massage Therapy is an effective and safe way to rehab from injuries, help transcend pain and pain syndromes, help prevent injuries, and diminish stress in a world that is full of stress-related illness
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