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*COVID 19* Client Safety Procedures and Protocols

Your safety, health and potential risks are taken very seriously. There are many precautions being implemented to mitigate inherent risks for you, however, this does not mean your risk is zero. For appts: Patients do pre-screening ahead through BC COVID-19 Symptom Self-Assessment Tool: https://bc.thrive.health/covid19/en


Personal Protective Equipment, Protocols and Products Provided: sanitizing wipes such as Lysol, and 90% isopropyl alcohol/hydrogen peroxide saturated wipes, hand sanitizer, surgical mask for client, KN95 mask for therapist, therapist can wear gloves and/or goggles. You may request any of these, as well as temperature shown. Therapist has change of clothes when needed, plastic-wrapped surfaces in treatment room for protection of linen shelves/table cover/face cradle/cloth chair/pillows: kept sanitary sprayed down with bleach solution, Lysol, between every patient. Everything becomes a hands-off zone as much as patients can manage. Physical distancing is to be maintained as possible. Before and after appt: Hand washing to above elbows happens for patient (therapist does same), dry with paper towel to go into the pedal-controlled, lidded, garbage. Alternatively, there may be hand sanitizer for use upon entry to the clinic. There will be a plastic container sanitized between each patient for patient clothes and personal items to go in. Avoid for therapist and patient: touching of own face eg. Eyes, mouth, nose. If allergies are problematic for therapist and a round of sneezing comes on, or runny nose therapist will leave the room, deal with it, resterilize and return. There is enhanced cleaning with both bleach solution and sanitary wipes of all surfaces throughout (before and after treatments and between patients). 


Before leaving for appt, each patient takes the BC Symptom Self-Assessment Tool test https://bc.thrive.health/covid19/en and only proceeds with appt if all answers are “No.” In-person assessment is done again at door before proceeding. If patient suspects they have COVID19, or have been exposed to anyone who has COVID19 symptoms, therapist is to be reported to immediately so appts can be postponed until 2 weeks have cleared any suspicion. Therapist and Patient compliance in meeting safety measures and protocols is appreciated, and required to keep each as safe as possible from spreading germs. 

Thank you for your understanding during these trying times. I am so glad to be able to return to service for you!

Located in the tranquil, serene setting at Laura’s Sacred Healing Space, Vernon, BC

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We keep a couple of emergency appointments open each week for fit-ins and painful situations

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Massage Therapy is an effective and safe way to rehab from injuries, help transcend pain and pain syndromes, help prevent injuries, and diminish stress in a world that is full of stress-related illness
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