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Pricing: Healing

FOR PRICING ON Massage Therapy, please go to Pricing for Massage page.

For pricing on Massage Therapy, Lastone Hot/Cold Stone massage, please see Pricing for Massage page.

YOU MAY ALSO CALL TO DISCUSS 250.545.0122 Canada Pacific-time.



For other Massage Therapy modalities, please go to Pricing for Massage page. 


Craniosacral Therapy ----takes approx. 1 hr------------------------------------------------CAD $110


Healing Touch----takes approx. 1 hr--------------------------------------------------------------------$110


Blend of Craniosacral & Healing Touch *Optimal Option*----------------------------------------$110


½ of session in Massage Therapy, ¼ Craniosacral & ¼ Healing Touch---------------------- $110


LaStone Hot/ Cold Stone Massage----approx 90 min.-----------------------------------------$220



 [*Distant Healing is not in-person, nor Massage Therapy]

1 Session---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CAD $110


Please check Enotes under Books Section to left for other enotes, books, workshops.


Enote: Delving deeper into healing: A more complete approach to healing ----$20



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