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Please see my website for workshops, courses, retreats and publications.


Some workshops in development include: 

Transcending Back Pain Workshop™

Most everyone experiences back pain at some point in their lives. This workshop is designed to heal present back pain, prevent future episodes, and educate you on what is going wrong physiologically that's created the environment for back pain to plague you in the first place. It gives concise exercises to easily integrate into your life, teaching postures that support your back the way it is designed to function best, yet the changes are simple. After years of studying evidence-based research and integrating it with different methods that have proven effective Laura has designed a workshop to bring this pain-free method to others. During this workshop, participants will also be given individual assessment and correction. Back pain is indicative we are not holding our structure optimally, and the dysfunction and pain that ensues is evidence of this. Backs were not intended to cause us pain. For centuries before ours, humans have done back-breaking labour without being in chronic or acute pain from it. We need to heed the warning our backs are telling us that we have let our optimal structure slide. This workshop will give you the tools to carry forward into all aspects of your life of keeping your back strong, supple, and pain free. (Please or inquire with Laura by calling 250.545.0122 or email for dates and location)

Self-Healing Workshop™

Energy Access Workshop™

Heal Body, Mind and Spirit Workshop™

I Am /Being Home Now Workshop™

Spiritual Awakening Spiritual Advancement Workshop™

Transcending Physical Pain Workshop™

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