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Frequently Asked Questions
On Healing

Q: I want to get a healing for a loved one. Is it important to get that person’s permission before booking their distant healing with you?

A: If it is possible, sure, get the permission. If it is not possible, no worries, a healing will not happen counter to one’s will. It is not something imposed on the person. There are times when asking is not possible. Know if the person truly does not want the healing, or for life contract reasons in this lifetime cannot completely heal, healing of the body maintain life against one’s will is not be forced on her/him and in those instances healing may well be  helping end-of-life transition and healing needed on other levels to assist in a smooth passing.

Q: What do you mean above, “for life contract reasons…cannot completely heal?”

A: A life contract is something contracted as an experience in this lifetime. Certain conditions are contracted into one’s life for Soul learning; if that’s the case, the condition may not entirely clear up. Genetic disorders and diseases, which are often contracted, are an example of this. There are times when one’s life is up too, in this case healing may mean coming to a place of being at peace with leaving this plane of existence, smoothing the transition, healing one’s relationship to Source, all of these are equally important to any physical healing one may be requesting.

Q: If someone has a genetic disorder or disease, is there any point in asking for healing then?

A: Healing happens on many levels. Perhaps the person will find some much needed relief from symptoms, whether the underlying disease or condition will entirely disappear or not. Some claim they have shifted what genes manifest, I do not purport to know or limit what can happen in a healing. Sometimes healing will happen on the level of the person coming to a place of understanding what the disease has offered the person in their life.

Q: Can any disease, illness, pain, dysfunction be healed?

A: The possibility certainly exists, accounts of miracles abound!  It is always worth the try to get healing for whatever is going on. Sometimes there is what some call karmic debt, or maybe more a spiritual growth lesson the incarnate is experiencing for his/her own evolution, but it is not remembered while being in the picture (all is understood when you have the whole picture), and sometimes people choose certain life themes and need chronic or genetic illnesses that do not disappear even with a lot of trying. Certainly healing still aids them, but if you are talking about a cure, for some people eliciting a cure is asking for more than they spiritually arranged for in this lifetime. Having said that, I’m always up for miracles!

Q: How can I learn to self-heal? Why even try if those called Healers seem to have a gift for it?

A: I’ve mentioned it elsewhere but it’s worth repeating: The only way anyone heals ultimately is by healing themselves. Healers are facilitators who help you hurdle the obstacles you may have put in your own way of healing. While I am witness to Healers having differing abilities than the “Average Joe,” it is still the client who does the healing. Healers can be considered “Obstacle-removers” who “Set the stage” for your healing. You can learn to overcome your own obstacles and set the stage yourself too, if Healers can do it, so can you. Self-healing is a worthwhile goal, it puts you in the driver’s seat of your health and your life. It empowers you to be in the position of doing for yourself and to be empowered actively participating in  your healing even with Healers helping you as well. I offer Books and Workshops on self-healing. To get you started, I recommend downloading the enotes under Books titled Accessing Your Sacred Space Within for Healingand Visualization of Sphere of Light for Healing Energy.

Q: If healing is always self-healing, won’t the healing happen without a healer ‘holding the space’ for it?

A: Healers holding the space allows the body to bypass the blocks it has had for healing, and accelerates that healing by the healer’s involvement. The involvement and intent of the healer to hold the sacred space for healing allows the person’s Innate Body Intelligence and Source to go about the healing. Without the therapist, there is no acceleration to the healing and sometimes an accelerated timeline is desired or needed due to pain or advancing illness. Also, as much as it’s the individual doing the healing, setting the stage for that healing by altering the charge for the client’s body to recover is a big kick-start to the process. Liken it to gasoline on a fire, without it, the fire may still ignite but adding it makes for bigger results quicker.

Q: Is it true self-healing methods can bring you to heightened states of awareness, and accelerate and deepen spiritual experiences?

A: Setting the stage for healing, accessing this Sacred Space, indeed can set the stage for you to explore other realms of reality if you wish. It can touch Source/Spirit where people have varied and individual experiences they describe as spiritual that can change their lives for ever. So yes, in a very safe way it can certainly do that if that is something you want to explore. Again, the Enotes under Books titled Accessing Your Sacred Space Within for Healing and Visualization of Sphere of Light for Healing Energy work for this.


Q: I’m interested in accessing the Sacred Space you talk about for deepening a relationship with Great Spirit. How do I achieve this? And what can I hope for through it?

A: Check out the Enote titles listed above. The good news is, if you desire this, asking Source for a life more connected to your Divine Origin and to Source itself means in time it should happen. The more efficient you get at accessing the Sacred Space, the more you may open yourself to this relationship. If accessing this Space is a new concept to you, certainly reading more (see Books section) and taking workshops (see Workshops) can aid you here. If this concept is not new to you, deepening your connection is a valuable goal. Deepening one’s relationship with The Divine can mean one’s life becomes fulfilling in ways you may not have imagined to be possible or so blissful. Patience here may be necessary, but all in due time, a richer life through Spirituality can bring you to states and places that surpass the best physical experiences you can bring to mind. The Love available to you in turn you can spread to the rest of the world and make the world a better place: this is one way to be part of the solution instead of the problem, and on a global scale help manifest Peace on Earth.

Q: Craniosacral, Healing Touch, & Healing Sessions: What Are These & How Do They Work?

A: Craniosacral, founded by Dr. William Sutherland, involves a lot of techniques where the therapist’s hands are in a hold, and do not move much. Some do not understand this therapy due to its description of moving the cranial bones when cranial bones are tightly sutured so should not move independently the way people imagine is meant. This description has been used in an attempt to explain on a physical level what is not purely physical and I believe this has caused the confusion. Craniosacral picks up very real and palpable rhythms. Rhythms of what though? There is no way it could purely be cranial bones separating given the inches of expansion in the rhythms I have felt. So what is being felt then? Craniosacral happens also on an energetic level, and perhaps it’s fluid movement and energy felt. It feels like fluid shifting where it needs to go. Maybe Craniosacral Therapists are sensitive enough to pick up on our fluids moving, given we are mostly composed of fluids. And perhaps the way energy is tied to our fluid matrix, it is a combination of both.

Healing Touch, founded by RN Janet Mentgen, is an energy healing modality that uses hands still or moving on the client’s body (at times off the body entirely, working in the client’s electromagnetic field). It has experientially proven its effectiveness, and more studies are proving its efficacy as well.

Either of these therapies can seem different at first to a client new to experiencing them: both are very effective for a Healing Session. Many will report increased relaxation, but clients sensitive to energy feel stuff happening and can be more understanding of these subtle techniques. As the Healer, the stiller I am, the increased activity in energy-play between my hands and the client occurs. For healing some need a mix of massage and Craniosacral &/or Healing Touch. Why I prefer Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy’s approach is because it honors the innate body intelligence for conducting the healing. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is an application of Holding The Space and supporting the healing rather than forcing the body through cookie-cutter treatment and into places that may not be as effective for its healing. These modalities are covered by Extended Benefits.

Q: You say you have “Divine Stillness” in your hands when you work, what does that mean?

A: Divine Stillness, Stillness, these are terms that are interchangeable with Source, Silence, Divinity, and refer to the Energy Source From Which We Came. Why the word Stillness? One way Source can be experienced is within stillness, by us being still. It is within this Stillness that Divine Energy can be realized. It is always there, it is just a matter of tuning in to that frequency to realize that it is present, omnipresent as it were!

Q: You say healing is a journey of becoming whole again: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. What do you mean by becoming whole spiritually?

A: During physical incarnation, we are a fragment of the whole we are in spirit, and a fragment of our Divine Origin, and to become whole spiritually means returning to a place of Being One instead of fragmented. This process involves healing our relationship with Source intellectually where we contemplate and have conversations with Source. What are you angry or unhappy about, do you blame Source for any of what you are angry or unhappy with? Things you don’t think are fair in life is a good place to start, get real and have it out with Source so you can heal any issues you carry about Source and get on with a Loving relationship. Healing this relationship also involves connecting with Source, going to that Sacred Space Within and feeling that energy current. Doing these things help us consciously heal spirit fragmentation.

Q: How do you know stuff is happening within the client’s body for healing, do you see it?

A: For myself, I have visuals in my mind’s eye. My gift has been in sensing things in an “other worldly” place I would say. It is hard to describe, but there is a mental component where my hands feel the client’s energy and pressures and breath and movement of that energy, and at the same time I sense sensations that are like fluids moving in certain directions, dumping from one side of the body to the other, many spiral motions, shifting, moving toward a place of balance, homeostasis, and more optimal wellbeing. It is a concert between the two: my hands and my head-region sensations. Some of the sensations have a dizzying feeling with them, some seem to elicit emotional components for me such as a body or body area that is unhappy or sad, other clients do not carry this. Each client’s body seems to bring to me a new patterning of how it shifts, returns to balance and heals. When these motions ‘normalize,’ or are finished moving, I know it is time to move on to another spot.

Q: I am Scientifically minded and disagree with the term 'energy,' in how healers seem to use it. Also you use the term 'Source,' I am an Evolutionist and don't resonate to religious terminology.

A: I understand your stance. My sessions are not religious in nature, they are spiritually based, and respect wherever you come from in regards to Evolution vs Creation. To explain the term 'Source,' it is the Source of Life, an energy that created the original spark of life. However you want to think of that life force, that's what is being referred to when terms 'Energy,' and 'Source' are used. Any time the term Energy is used, supplant it with "Source of life, life force," if that makes it easier for you. It's unarguable that there's a source of life on this planet, again it is this Creative energy that I refer to when I say 'Source,' or use the term 'energy.' I would suggest not letting terms limit your exploration and seeking of healing as putting limits up can put limits on healing as well. This is not about discrediting Creationist ideas, or Evolutionist ideas, this is finding the marriage between the two and having an understanding of how keeping open (even over terms and what you feel they imply) is so vital in one's quest for healing. I have been guided to the term 'Source' to help bridge the chasm between Evolution or Creation debate, since there is no debating there was a source of life. However you need to picture the energy that creates the original spark of life is fine, it's important that we can address this concept somehow, call it something, perhaps you will accept 'Source' knowing now what it implies, and some Evolutionists find imagining that spark of life force as an actual *spark* is perfect for them. Hope that helps."

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