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On Healing

Healing is miraculous, perhaps complex, often profound. An amazing process, it moves us to a state of wholeness and good health.


Ultimately healing is done by one’s self. Practitioners only facilitate the healing process. It is within your body that you allow and do your own healing, a practitioner is simply an effective catalyst


The body of the client has an Innate Intelligence within it. This intelligence has nothing to do with the conscious mind, but Healers will often encounter this intelligence, and if the Healer is wise, let it direct the healing. This innate intelligence orchestrates the changes, it’s the body doing what it has appeared to want the chance to do: make necessary moves and changes in fluids, energy and tissues to bring about a balance and healing.


Returning to the Healing Space: Laura’s Sacred Healing Space and treatments therein are designed to return clients to the Stillness/Silence where healing happens. Bygoing to the Sacred Space Within, healing in multiple systems of the body are possible, achievable.

Through restructuring we return to a more optimal form. Sound health is a compilation of components involving Body (physical), Mind (mental & emotional) & Spirit (spiritual). For the physical component of health: exercise, proper nutrition and avoiding noxious substances and environmental hazards are important. For the mental component: repetitive thoughts, how we think about what has happened to us and beliefs influence our physical state of being. For the emotional component: and fulfillment spiritually and personally affect health. And for the spiritual component: healing one’s relationship with Source, our connection to our Selves, and maintaining energy (accessing Divine Energy if you will) contribute a vital part to our health. Healing is a journey of becoming whole again on all four levels.

Nameste: The Divine in Me recognizes the Divine in You! Blessings on your healing journeys!

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